Experts Discuss National Mechanisms for Human Rights Implementation

16 September 2022

At a roundtable organized in September 2022 by the Office of the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights – in partnership with the Geneva Human Rights Platform, the Universal Rights Group and the Danish Institute for Human Rights – UN member states, National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and academia discussed how they intend to give effect to the recommendations made in the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) report 50/64 on the establishment and development of national mechanisms for implementation, reporting and follow-up.

Towards Better Implementation on the Ground

This report provides a summary of the exchanges that took place in 2021 during five online regional consultations to share experiences and good practices relating to the establishment and development of national mechanisms for implementation, reporting and follow-up, and their impact on the effective implementation of human rights obligations and commitments.

Inputting an Upcoming Resolution at the UN Human Rights Council

During the roundtable, invited representatives from permanent missions, NHRIs, CSOs and academia discussed concrete proposals concerning:

  • Further support for peer-to-peer exchanges between national mechanisms at the global and regional levels or on specific themes
  • The creation of a community of practice and a knowledge hub for national mechanisms in collaboration with interested partners
  • The development of the digital infrastructure specific to human rights mechanisms, including the National Recommendations Tracking Database (NRTD) and other digital human rights tracking tools, to facilitate the engagement of states and other stakeholders.

Ambassador of Paraguay, H.E. Scappini Ricciardi opened the roundtable and announced the tabling at the current HRC 51st session of a specific resolution on promoting international cooperation to support national mechanisms for implementation, reporting and follow-up.

‘This resolution may represent a decisive step towards implementation of the discussed proposals and, ultimately contribute to proper implementation of human rights obligations and commitments at the national level’ explains Felix Kirchmeier, Executive Director and the Geneva Human Rights Platform.

The Geneva Human Rights Platform will continue working on these themes with relevant partners, as part of our ongoing initiatives on local implementation of global human rights, including our focus on improving the uptake of UN human rights recommendations by national human rights systems.


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Introducing the DHRTTD Directory: Revolutionizing Human Rights Implementation with Digital Tools

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18 October 2023, 18:00-19:30

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2023 Annual Conference: Connecting Geneva and New York for Enhanced Human Rights Protection

21-24 October 2023

The Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform will take place in New York to explore the links between Geneva and New York, the relevance of Geneva's outputs in New York debates, and the implications for human rights.

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Business and Human Rights

Fall 2024

This training course will examine how the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights have been utilized to advance the concept of business respect for human rights throughout the UN system, the impact of the Guiding Principles on other international organizations, as well as the impact of standards and guidance developed by these different bodies.

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International Refugee Law

28 February - 3 April 2024

This online short course analyses the main international and regional norms governing the international protection of refugees. It notably examines the sources of international refugee law, including the 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, and their interaction with human rights law and international humanitarian law.

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Human Rights in a Digitalized World: Mapping Risk, Strengthening Regulation and Promoting the Development of International Human Rights Law

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This project will develop guidance to inform security, human rights and environmental debates on the linkages between environmental rights and conflict, and how their better management can serve as a tool in conflict prevention, resilience and early warning.

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Exploring Counterterrorism Effectiveness and Human Rights Law

published on September 2023

Gloria Gaggioli, Michael Moncrieff , Ilya Sobol

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