Gloria Gaggioli

Director of the Geneva Academy and Associate/SNF Professor at the Law Faculty, University of Geneva

Maud Bonnet

Executive Director


Student Office

Clotilde Pégorier

Head of Education

Gregory Pasche

Coordinator of Professionalizing Activities

Ana Kilibarda

Assistant to the Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict

Alina Kondratiuk

Assistant to the Master in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Lotte Walstra

Assistant to the LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Teaching Assistants

Agustina Becerra Vazquez

Teaching Assistant

Shima Esmailian (she/her)

Teaching Assistant

Ralph Loren-Eisendecher

Teaching Assistant

Dor Hai

Teaching Assistant

Victoria Priori

Teaching Assistant

Mina Radončić

Teaching Assistant

Katia Rosenblat

Teaching Assistant

Ashley Stanley- Ryan

Teaching Assistant

Revaz Tkemaladze

Teaching Assistant

Tihao Zeng

Teaching Assistant


Erica Harper

Head of Research and Policy Studies

Jonathan Andrew

Research Fellow

Eugénie Duss

Research Fellow

Christophe Golay

Senior Research Fellow

Nataliia Hendel

Research Fellow

Francesco Romani

Research Fellow

Anna Rosalie Greipl


Clément Voule


Beatrice Meretti

Research Assistant

Communication and External Relations

Tim Young

Communication Officer

Romain Allamand

Events and Executive Assistant

Geneva Human Rights Platform

Felix Kirchmeier

Executive Director of the Geneva Human Rights Platform

Stefania Di Stefano

Project Officer at the Geneva Human Rights Platform

Domenico Zipoli

Project Coordinator and Research Fellow

Victoire Berrebi

Project Assistant at the Geneva Human Rights Platform