Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Students during a class at the Geneva Academy Students during a class at the Geneva Academy

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have ensured the continuation of high-quality and interactive teaching for our three master’s programmes via different teaching options and methods adaptable to the health situation: fully on-campus, fully online or hybrid with on-site and online teaching.

Our students have shown a great capacity to adapt to this difficult context, study seriously, evolve as a group and succeed in their exams. Their inputs and feedback have been key in ensuring the constant adaptation and improvement of our teaching in a difficult and rapidly evolving context.

2021–2022 Academic Year

Following the lifting of most sanitary measures by the Federal Council on 16 February 2022, all the courses of our LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and of our MAS in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law will be taught in person, with recordings provided to students who are sick and cannot attend classes.

For our Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict, teaching will continue in a blended format to allow participants who are not based in Geneva to follow the programme online.


To enable those who do not yet have a Covid-19 certificate to be vaccinated, our students had access to dedicated vaccination days at the beginning of the academic year –  organized by the University of Geneva, HES-GE and the cantonal health authorities.

Monitoring the Situation

We are closely monitoring the evolution of the situation. Our students are regularly informed about changes in the recommendations issued by the FOPH and by the State of Geneva,  as well as changes in the measures decided by our two parent institutions – the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

Additional measures will be implemented if required by the swiss and/or Geneva authorities to ensure a safe learning environment.

Quality of Teaching and Interactivity

Our professors have gained a great deal of experience with online teaching during the previous academic year when all the courses went online. They are also receiving professional support as well as coaching from our staff.

Extracurricular activities – like events, exchanges with practitioners or seminars – can successfully taking place online if needed.

Addressing Challenges: Ongoing Exchanges with Students

We know that the current situation is everything but easy for our students and that online and hybrid teaching brings several challenges for both students and professors.

We are determined to be in constant exchanges and communication with our students to hear about the difficulties they encounter and get their feedback, with the objectives to continually improve our offer, respond to their concerns and, accompany them during their time at the Geneva Academy.

These exchanges and our students’ feedbacks allow us to bring several improvements to our online teaching and we are very grateful to them for allowing us to constantly evaluate and improve our teaching.

2021–2022 Teaching

For this academic year, we are offering hybrid teaching for all our classes to ensure that our students who are sick or in quarantine can follow courses remotely. We are also ready, if the health situation requires, to move to a fully online teaching format for our three master's programmes.

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Facilities, Support and IT

We've put in place the necessary IT facilities and support to ensure the smooth running of all our classes in hybrid or online teaching modes if these are required by the evolution of the health situation.

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Prospective and Future students

We are adapting rapidly to the situation related to the COVID–19 pandemic and are in a position to ensure continued high quality and interactive teaching for our three master’s programmes.

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Our Resources and Experts

From the human rights impact of COVID–19 to responding to the pandemic in conflict zones, discover what our experts and events say on the issue!

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