Universal Human Rights Index

Universal Human Rights Index Universal Human Rights Index

The Universal Human Rights Index (UHRI) is a searchable database containing the record of observations and recommendations issued by United Nations (UN) treaty bodies, Universal Periodic Review and special procedures. It is available in all six UN languages (depending on the availability of translation for documents) and provides:

  • Search by human rights themes, groups of affected persons, Sustainable Development Goals and targets (all supported by automatic classification using machine learning/natural language processing)
  •  Data export via spreadsheet and Application Programming Interface (XLSX/JSON).


The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in partnership with the Danish Institute for Human Rights and HURIDOCS for machine learning/natural language processing.


  • Everyone: National Mechanisms for Implementation, Reporting and Follow-up, human rights focal points in different ministries, national human rights institutions, civil society, academics, staff of UN and other international organizations, human rights and sustainable development professionals, citizens, private sector, etc.
  • Publicly accessible with no restrictions.

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