Main Functions

SADATA, Samoa’s digital human rights tracking tool, utilizes IMPACT OSS software to automate data collection on its human rights performance.

Using a clustering system on all international and national human rights recommendations, SADATA:

  • Reduces the amount of time needed to write state reports, eliminate duplication of activities and identify implementation gaps
  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of human rights recommendations and obligations
  • Provides a broader picture of the interlinkages between human rights, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Pathway for the Development of Samoa.


The Secretariat of the National Mechanism for the Implementation, Reporting and Follow-Up (NMIRF) under Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, International Relations Division.


SADATA is a public access web tool where info can be accessed by anyone with or without a SADATA account. Users of the tool include, government stakeholders, UN and international organizations staff, NGOs, civil society, academia, students, etc.

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