TransMonEE Database

TransMonEE Database TransMonEE Database

Main Functions

The TransMonEE Database and Dashboard are digital tools created through a UNICEF initiative aimed at contributing to better data collection and analysis on child rights. The Database compiles data for over 700 indicators from a diverse range of international sources as well as from national statistics. These indicators span 35 subdomains aligned with the Europe and Central Asia Child Rights Monitoring (ECA CRM) Framework, offering a breadth of data relevant to child rights and allowing a better understanding of the challenges faced by children in the region.

The Dashboard complements the Database by showcasing a curated selection of indicators. It reveals data gaps by indicating which country lacks data on specific variables. Its design offers two primary views for data exploration - via the ECA CRM Framework or by specific indicator - complemented by various filters and visualization tools. For topics requiring deeper dives, the dashboard provides links to specialized UNICEF databases and resources.

One of the Dashboard’s important features is the presentation of relevant recommendations from the Committee on the Rights of the Child alongside data for each of the ECA CRM Framework subdomains.


The Database and the Dashboard were developed by UNICEF and are administrated by the Programme, Planning, and Data Section of the UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia.


The database and dashboard were created to serve a range of users, among which UN Agencies, NGOs, child advocacy groups, governments and policymakers, national statistics offices, researchers and academics, and the engaged public.

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