National Recommendations Tracking Database

National Recommendations Tracking Database National Recommendations Tracking Database

Main Functions

The National Recommendations Tracking Database (NRTD) is an interactive web application designed to help states plan and track the realization of their human rights obligations and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through improved digital information management, the NRTD supports National Mechanism for Implementation, Reporting and Follow-up (NMIRFs) in their important work of tracking the implementation of recommendations received from United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms and reporting to these mechanisms.

Each national version of NRTD, as a country-specific tracking database, offers all the functionalities that are typically required in the process of follow-up and reporting:

  • A complete record of observations and recommendations issued by UN human rights mechanisms (via the Universal Human Rights Index)
  • Clustering of recommendations by themes, groups, and SDGs
  • Planning of follow-up activities to implement recommendations
  • Designation of lead institutions charged with implementation
  • Developing indicators for recommendations and clusters
  • Tracking of implementation progress, including statistics
  • Exporting information from the database
  • Drafting reports to UN human rights mechanisms
  • Available in the five UN languages. Translation into national languages is possible upon request.


The NRTD is managed by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in partnership with the Danish Institute for Human Rights and HURIDOCS for machine learning/NLP.


States (National Mechanisms for Implementation, Reporting and Follow-up and human rights focal points).

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