NIM Human Rights Tracker

NIM Human Rights Tracker NIM Human Rights Tracker

Main Functions

The Norwegian National Human Rights Institution (NIM) has developed the NIM Human Rights Tracker to monitor and enhance the follow-up of international human rights recommendations to Norway.
The tracker has the following main functions:

  • It is a searchable online tool to help track international human rights recommendations to Norway and the ministries responsible for their follow-up. The tracker contains all the recommendations made by United Nations treaty bodies to Norway since 2017.
  • The tracker allows filtering the recommendations according to human rights bodies, themes, populations of concern, the type of measures and reporting periods. There is also a free-text option that allows searching the recommendations by keywords – an important feature as some topics are addressed by more than one monitoring body.
  • The tracker also allows filtering recommendations according to responsible ministries. Transparency on this point is essential since follow-up of recommendations in Norway is decentralized and delegated to various ministries (e.g. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior, etc.).

Plans for further developments include adding recommendations from selected monitoring mechanisms within the Council of Europe and to add relevant government measures to all recommendations. In the long term relevant indicators and available data, as well as monitoring institutions and civil society actors will also be included.


  • NIM is responsible for the technical development, usability updates and substantive analysis of the application.
  • NIM updates the tracker when recommendations are issued to Norway.
  • The government committed to providing the list of responsible ministries for each set of recommendations incorporated into the tracker.


  • Governments
  • Civil society
  • Ombuds institutions
  • Academics
  • International bodies.

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