Human Rights Tracker

Human Rights Tracker Human Rights Tracker

Main Functions

The Human Rights Tracker is a tracking tool designed to help track how well the United Kingdom (UK) and Welsh Governments are putting their international human rights obligations into practice.

The Human Rights Tracker has the following three functions:

  • The search function allows users to search and filter the United Nations (UN) recommendations submitted to the UK, by the UN treaty bodies and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).
  • The monitoring and reporting section provides a guide on how human rights obligations are monitored in the UK, including information about treaty cycles and reporting deadlines.
  • The progress assessment element describes and evaluates the progress made on the implementation of recommendations issued by UN human rights mechanisms by the UK and Welsh Governments.


The Human Rights Monitoring Team at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Great Britain’s National Human Rights Institution.


  • Civil society
  • Members of the public
  • UK and Welsh Governments
  • Parliamentarians, including parliamentary scrutiny committees
  • UN agencies and independent human rights experts.

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