Our research examines issues that are under-explored, need clarification or are unconventional, experimental or challenging. It thus advances understanding and stimulates debate in the academic community and in policy-making institutions and government.

A woman worker at a construction site in India

Human Rights and Gender Equality in the Context of Business Activities

Séléka rebels patrol in the town of Bria, Central African Republic (CAR).

Human Rights Responsibilities and Armed Non-State Actors

Wheat field

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and the Protection of the Right to Seeds in Europe

UN Peacekeepers on Patrol in Abyei, Sudan. Zambian peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) patrol streets lined with looted items awaiting collection in Abyei, the main town of the disputed Abyei area on the border of Sudan and newly

The Intersection between Transitional Justice, International Security and Responsibility to Protect

Central African Republic, Ouham province, village of Ouogo. International Humanitarian Law dissemination session to members of the Peoples' Army for the Restoration of Democracy.

From Words to Deeds: A Study of Armed Non-State Actors’ Practice and Interpretation of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Norms

Roundtable discussion during the Regional Consultation for North America and the English Speaking Caribbean on the Future of the UN Treaty Body System

Academic Platform on Treaty Body Review 2020

A wheelchair completely destroyed after the bombing of a civilian area

Disability and Armed Conflict

Data connections with a man's shadow on the back


Human Rights Council: a general view of the room XX during the 31st regular opening of session, Geneva, Switzerland

Universality in the Human Rights Council

Peru, Lima. Anti-riot policemen during a demonstration.

Use of Force, Crowd Control and Peaceful Protests

 Chittagong (Bangladesh) ship breaking yard

A Practitioners' Guide on Human Rights and Countering Corruption

Senegal, Ziguinchor area, Bignona Department, Kataba 1 municipality, Kouram village. A woman works in a vegetable garden as part of an economic security programme.

Towards Food Sustainability: Reshaping the Coexistence of Different Food Systems in South America and Africa

ICC Trial Chamber VIII declares Mr Al Mahdi guilty of the war crime of attacking historic and religious buildings in Timbuktu and sentences him to nine years’ imprisonment

Modes of Liability for International Crimes

Somalia, Bakool region, Hudur village. Woman selling products at market.

Land Commercialization, Gendered Agrarian Transformation and the Right to Food (DEMETER)

Panel Discussion:

Treaty Body Members’ Platform

Putis, Peru. The clothes of missing child found in a mass grave close to the village at the exhibition organized for the relatives of victimes. The family will be able to identify their missing relatives.


Libya, Misrata, Tripoli Street. After a battle between members of the armed opposition and government forces.

The War Report

Weapons Law Encyclopedia

Madagascar, Miarinarivo district. Women transplanting rice.

The Rights of Peasants

Rwanda, on the outskirts of Kigali, Wa-Jali. Jeanne Françoise, a young girl reunited two years ago with her grandmother by the ICRC, stands in a banana orchard near her house.

Development and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Screenshot of the RULAC webpage

Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts (RULAC)

Armed Non-State Actors and the Human Rights Council

Completed in December 2016

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Autonomous Weapon Systems under International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Completed in May 2017

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The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

Completed in May 2016

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Nuclear Weapons under International Law

Completed in December 2015

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‘Foreign Fighters’ and Counter-Terrorism

Completed in June 2018

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The United Nations Principles to Combat Impunity: A Commentary

Completed in March 2018

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Police Use of Force

Completed in December 2015

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Standards of Proof in Fact Finding

Completed in December 2015

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The Impact of Counter-Terrorism Laws and Measures on Humanitarian Action

Completed in December 2015

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The Arms Trade Treaty

Completed in September 2016

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Support to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence

Completed in December 2015

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Protection of Education in Armed Conflict

Completed in December 2014

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Armed Drones and Autonomous Weapon Systems under International Law

Completed in December 2015

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Historical Injustices, Reparations and International Law

Completed in October 2016

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Armed Non-State Actors and the Protection of Civilians

Completed in December 2015

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Non-Kinetic-Energy Weapons

Completed in December 2011

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Rules of Engagement

Completed in December 2011

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The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

Completed in December 2010

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Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Completed in December 2009

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The Law of Military Occupation

Completed in December 2008

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Counterpiracy under International Law

Completed in December 2013

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