Howard Varney

Howard Varney

Practicing Advocate at the Johannesburg Bar and Senior Programme Adviser at the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

Howard Varney is a consultant and a practising advocate at the Johannesburg Bar. His legal practice comprises human rights, constitutional and administrative law cases.

Howard is retained by the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) as a Senior Programme Adviser on a part-time basis. His areas of expertise include investigations, prosecutions, institutional reform and reparations.

In the early 1990s, he was an attorney with the Legal Resources Centre in Durban where he represented victims of political violence in public interest litigation, judicial inquests, and commissions of inquiry. In the mid-1990s he led an independent criminal investigation in South Africa into organized political crime which resulted in significant criminal trials. He worked with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a consultant on a range of matters. Howard was also the Chief Investigator for the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He assisted the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste with the compilation of its final report.

As a consultant for ICTJ, he has assisted with the development of transitional justice initiatives in several countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and the Balkans. He continues to represent victims of past conflicts in the courts of South Africa to vindicate their rights. Howard has a BA LLB from Natal University and an LLM from Columbia Law School.

He has published on truth and reconciliation commissions, commissions of inquiry, criminal justice issues, amnesty, the relationship between war crime tribunals and truth commissions, community security and small arms control.

Taught Courses

Peru, Huancasancos. Vigil and burial ceremonies for the victims of the conflict whose remains were finally restituted to their families after 30 years of disappearance. Spring School

Confronting the Truth: The Functions, Practices and Challenges of Truth Commissions

Truth Commissions are by now an integral part of the transitional justice vocabulary and practice. The 2019 Spring School will provide a comprehensive, multidimensional and practical examination of this transitional justice mechanism, shedding light on both its aims and the practical challenges it has met or is likely to meet.

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